Only will be approved by the Poetic Soul Ethics Program the sites that meet the following basic requirements:

  • Present a content of own authorship that be approved for persons of all ages, this signifies don't present nothing that can be considered offensive to the infants, as jokes, pornographies, images of naked persons and others.

  • Have a page of credits or copyright where is recognized the origin of all the resources utilized in the construction of the site, as texts, poetry, music, graphics, images, photographs and others. For resources created by third parties should be presented the authorizations of the authors, allowing them to be used on the site.

  • Do not it possess any content that can be considered illegal or immoral, that be discriminatory as regards the race, sex, religion or nationality or that incites to the violence, to the hatefulness or to the crime.

  • The design of the site will not be considered, but the good taste in the choice of the subject and of the colors will be taken into account, including as regards the necessary contrast between the colors of the text and of the bottom, what facilitates the reading of the content.

  • The navigation will count points since be facilitated by elements as complete menu in all the pages, map of the site and ítens of navigation, like links for the top of the page, for the near page and for the previous page.

  • The site will be able to be writing in any language, but should have a version in a western language, as Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Italian.

          The sites that will not be accepted in this program will be able to apply again after thirty days, since have corrected the related problems.

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